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Why install cameras if no one is watching them?

A letter from Stealth Monitoring CEO, Norm Charney

Stealth has built a solution to monitor thousands of cameras in ways that are unmatched in the industry. Through a combination of video analytics and human intelligence, Stealth's proactive nature leads to more prevention and deterrence of crime and theft than generally found in event-based and exclusively motion detection-based systems. Beyond core security functionality, Stealth helps clients increase operational efficiency and reduce total cost of equipment, service and monitoring.

Monitoring cameras with constant traffic cannot be watched effectively with video analytics alone. For example, the computer cannot analyze one masked suspect in a group of people to determine if this is unusual. Technology alone cannot predict the intent of what an intruder might do in the future. Determining the intent of a suspicious individual requires human judgment and trained operators, which is a skill not matched by any algorithm-based system. Stealth constantly evaluates the real-time activity at a client site and can remain cost-effective. When a client leaves their property at night, he or she knows somebody is watching the cameras. They can expect incident reports with edited video clips in their inbox the next day after any unusual activity. This allows the client to focus on core business rather than spend hours looking through recorded video.

In many cases, Stealth becomes aware of suspicious activity earlier in the process than other security vendors. Operators can look up site-specific protocols and take immediate action. The operators can call security guards or management, sound speakers, and/or contact police if criminal activity is observed. Depending on numerous factors such as the time of night, what the criminals are wearing to cover their faces, what they have in their hands, and how they are moving, a human operator can make a judgment call to determine the severity of the problem. The best video analytics cannot make this determination as effectively as the trained operator. With Stealth's impressive data base experience, the real-time data can now be analyzed and translated into valuable information. This information comes to you through proprietary systems with dashboard-type reporting and customer portals that are being developed to set Stealth further apart from future competitors.

Stealth has developed a platform to detect problems and outages. We take a structured approach with high service levels to improve customer needs nationwide. Through the IP camera network, Stealth has built a back-end tracking and service ticket system that prioritizes service problems. The system has appropriate escalations and repair communications built-in to solve the technical problems, to keep costs down and to provide timely repairs. The goal is to provide world-class service standards where Stealth knows when a network video recorder or camera is down within normal thresholds, notifies the IT department to fix it, and notifies the client of the status. With cameras changing from analog to IP, the industry is now supported by IT professionals who can fix a significant portion of problems remotely to reduce the number of expensive on site visits and save time in getting faster resolution.

Stealth also uses sophisticated wireless products to build out the backbone of a camera network. This allows Stealth to build enterprise solutions. Stealth's clients range from single location companies to large national companies using the platform for their entire enterprise in installations across the country. Stealth's PMO (Project Management Office) has proven it can design, install and service nationwide. Stealth's reach and ability to service its customers nationwide is growing.

The full service approach of designing the solution anywhere in North America, quoting a price, and then project managing the installation, bandwidth, lighting, servicing, training and live monitoring has allowed Stealth to grow rapidly. Stealth does rely on the client to provide power, lighting and high-speed Internet to each site. Stealth focuses on providing solutions to commercial customer needs and continues to grow with the fundamentals and efficiencies that result in customer and employee loyalty. Our monitoring contracts are typically short, because our goal is to provide continuous world-class service, high integrity, and fair prices. With this model, we give our customers no reason to leave. Our customer relationships last a long time because our costs are low, quality standards are high, and our solution is cost-justified.