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Operational Savings

As a business owner or executive, you constantly evaluate the bottom line and strategize new ways to reduce expenses and increase income. Stealth Monitoring consults with you to understand your priorities, design a customized network, and deliver high value support. Stealth Monitoring’s video review department can assist with your operations to help you reduce monthly expenses, increase productivity in the workforce, enforce training standards, minimize shrinkage, fight lawsuit claims, and catch gate damage. We develop a custom monitoring protocol that can give you coverage in more areas like access doors, cash registers, break rooms, sales floors, waiting areas, and parking lots. Many of our clients tell us that our higher level of security results in higher occupancies, increased revenues, decreased expenses, and increased values.

Let us show you how easy it can be to keep a remote eye on your people, assets, and profits.


Stealth remote video surveillance watches the outside of your property. When monitors see suspicious activity they can play speakers and call police, often before criminals break in to buildings and cause damage, theft, and loss to outdoor & indoor assets. PROACTIVE LIVE MONITORING


A single stolen copper incident can cost $10,000 to replace a damaged HVAC system. Stealth live video surveillance helps businesses improve security and protect against metal theft by monitoring rooftops, fences, gates, alleys, and other remote locations. COPPER THEFT


On-site guards are expensive and can only be in one place at a time. Stealth Monitoring's virtual security service with live surveillance and video cameras replaces traditional guards, typically providing greater coverage at up to 80% off the cost. REMOTE SECURITY GUARDS